Due Diligence Videos

March 2020 | Welcome Address
Robert Bruno

March 2020 | CEO Remarks
Mehdi Mahmud


March 2020 | The Value of Scarcity: Theory and Practice
Matt McLennan


March 2020 | Fundamental Research: Starting at the Bottom and Working our Way Up


March 2020| The Importance of Selectivity in International Equity Markets
Kimball Brooker, Deputy Head of the Global Value Team
Al Barr, CFA, Associate Portfolio Manager
Moderated by Anirudh Kirtane, Head of Applied Research



March 2020 | Unconventional Monetary and Fiscal Policies: Gold's Role as a Potential Hedge
Idanna Appio, PhD
Thomas Kertsos


March 2020 | The Global Search for Value and Income
Kimball Brooker
Ed Meigs
Julien Albertini


March 2020 | Value Investing: Staying the Course During Challenging Times
Bruce Greenwald
Matt McLennan

March 2020 | First Eagle's Thoughts on Technology
Manish Gupta
Moderated by Matt Lamphier, CFA


March 2020 | A Conversation with Our Senior Advisor
Jean-Marie Eveillard, Senior Advisor
Moderated by Consuelo Mack, Anchor and Executive Producer of Consuelo Mack WealthTrack



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