Sep 08, 2017

How can investors protect their equity portfolios against a market crisis?

Sep 08, 2017

Kimball Brooker Jr. and Sean Slein discuss First Eagle Investment Management and the Global Income Builder Fund.

Aug 07, 2017

First Eagle's Thomas Kertsos believes that gold has unique risk-reward characteristics to be able to potentially preserve value in real terms in the long-term and provide diversification and resili

Jul 24, 2017

Eight years into a bull market, many commentators believe a bear market is coming, but no one is certain exactly when. In the interim, some have noted signs of change in the environment for active and passive managers.

May 09, 2017

Co-Portfolio Manager Ed Meigs discusses the Global Income Builder strategy, the importance of flexibility in the search for income and the team's unwavering focus on seeking downside protection.


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