First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund Marks Five-Year Anniversary

NEW YORK—(May 10, 2017)—First Eagle Investment Management is pleased to announce that First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund (the Fund) marked its five-year anniversary on May 1, 2017.  The Fund had an average annualized return of 6.82% for the institutional class shares (FEBIX), outperforming its Morningstar World Allocation category median by 1.29% over the five-year period ended May 1, 2017. The overall multi-asset income strategy had total net assets of $3.1 billion globally, of which the Fund represented $1.3 billion.

Aiming for both current income and long-term growth of capital, the Fund employs a highly flexible, benchmark-agnostic approach. Based on in-house bottom-up research, co-managers Kimball Brooker, Edward Meigs and Sean Slein select equities and fixed income investments from around the globe. Downside protection—defined as the avoidance of permanent impairment of capital—is a key area of focus. The Fund is available in share classes directed at individual investors, institutions and participants in group retirement plans.

“When we launched the fund in 2012, we thought that historically low interest rates were likely to challenge income investors for years to come.  We looked to our fixed income allocation for the potential ballast of sustainable income and to our equity allocation for dividend income and potential real growth relative to inflation,” said Kimball Brooker, deputy head of the Global Value team and portfolio manager. “By staying true to what we believe is a prudent investment philosophy—taking on less credit risk and not chasing yield—we have tended to differ from our peers.  We go where we believe the opportunities are, but we are very cognizant of risk.” 

“In a low-yield environment where rates have been expected to normalize, financial advisors have been eager to find investment solutions for their clients that can provide sustainable income without undue exposure to interest-rate risk,” said Robert Bruno, head of retail distribution at First Eagle Investment Management and president of FEF Distributors. “Many advisors have turned to our fund over the last five years, giving their clients the potential to benefit from its solid investment performance.”

About First Eagle Investment Management

First Eagle is an independent investment management firm that manages approximately $105 billion in assets (as of 3/31/17) on behalf of institutional and individual clients. With the core purpose of providing prudent stewardship of client assets, the firm offers active, fundamental, benchmark-agnostic strategies, with a strong focus on downside protection. First Eagle’s investment capabilities include equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies. Over a long history dating back to 1864, First Eagle has helped its clients avoid permanent impairment of capital and earn attractive returns through widely varied economic cycles—a tradition that is central to its mission today. First Eagle Investment Management is the adviser to First Eagle Funds. For more information, please visit

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The Morningstar percentile rankings for the First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund in the Morningstar World Allocation category were derived using the total return of the performance figure associated with its 1-, 3- and 5-year time periods as of 05/01/17. First Eagle Global Income Builder Class I: Morningstar percentile rankings were: 38% for the 1-year (179/467), 33% for the 3-year (130/402) and 19% for the 5-year (62/335) when compared against the Morningstar World Allocation category. Different share classes have different ratings.

Private equity funds owned by The Blackstone Capital Partners and Corsair Capital own a majority stake in First Eagle Investment Management.

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