Client Servicing

This is where you’ll find the tools and information you need to service new clients and to grow your existing relationships. You can access what you need from the sections below, or call our Internal Sales Desk at 800.747.2008 to speak directly to one of First Eagle's internal wholesalers.

Applications & Forms

We’ve made it easy for you to open new accounts, update existing accounts and execute transactions. These forms and applications should provide everything you need to get started. For your convenience, all of our forms are writable PDFs.

Fees & Expenses

Find the specific breakpoint and sales charge information for clients across share classes and Funds. Complete information regarding policies and sales charges can be found in the Prospectus.

Minimum Investments

Find the information you need to help your clients make decisions about investing in the First Eagle Funds.

Tax Information

Read about the First Eagle Fund policies regarding distributions and realized capital gains, if any.

Proxy Voting

Use this service to view the proxy voting activity for each company held in each Fund’s portfolio.

Fund Holdings

View First Eagle’s latest publically available holdings.

XBRL Filings

Download First Eagle's XBRL Filing. For information on how to view this interactive data, you may find it helpful to visit the SEC's Interactive Data Viewers web page. First Eagle does not endorse any product referred to on that page.

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