Minimum Investments


The minimum initial and subsequent investment amounts generally required for each share class of each Fund are as follows:

Minimum Investments

Initial Investments

Class A and C shares – Taxable     $2,500
Class A and C shares – Non-Taxable    $1,000
Class I shares*    $1,000,000

Subsequent Investments    $100


Investment Options

Automatic Investment Program    $100
*May be waived for WRAP programs and investments through an omnibus position

Purchasing or Redeeming Shares

You or your clients can purchase, redeem or exchange First Eagle Fund shares on any business day at their net asset value next computed after proper receipt of the order. Transaction orders may be submitted via telephone, through your authorized dealer or FEF Distributors, LLC (800.334.2143). Shares held in the dealer’s ‘‘street name’’ must be redeemed or exchanged through the dealer. See the Once You Become a Shareholder section of the Prospectus for more information.

Exchanging Shares

After your client has opened an account with us, you can help them exchange or sell their shares to meet their changing investment goals or other needs. You can help them exchange some or all of their shares of any Fund for shares of another Fund, subject to limitations described elsewhere in this Prospectus and in the following paragraphs in respect of Funds or share classes closed to new investors. You may exchange:
•    Class A shares of a Fund for Class A shares of another Fund;
•    Class C shares of a Fund for Class C shares of another Fund;
•    Class I shares of a Fund for Class I shares of another Fund; and
•    Class Y shares of the Fund of America for Class A shares of another Fund (if the exchange involves Class Y shares valued at less than $1 million) or for Class I shares of another Fund (if the exchange involves Class Y shares valued at $1 million or more).

Shares will be exchanged at their net asset value, computed as of the close of trading on the NYSE (normally 4 p.m. Eastern time). Share exchange orders received after the close of trading on a particular day will be exchanged at the next day’s close of trading net asset value. There is no charge for the exchange privilege, except in the case of Class Y shares of the Fund of America. Class Y shareholders exchanging for Class A shares of another Fund will be subject to the front-end sales load applicable to those Class A shares. Any exchange must meet the applicable minimum investment amount for the Fund and share class into which the exchange is being made. In addition, because you may be subject to different fees, expenses and investment risks when you make an exchange, you should carefully review the description of the Fund into which you plan to exchange. Also, exchanges may constitute a taxable event for U.S. federal income tax purposes. For additional information concerning exchanges or to initiate exchanges, contact the Funds at 800.334.2143.

Exchanges may be limited in the case of shares to be exchanged for those of any Fund or share class closed to, or otherwise restricted for, new investors (as currently is the case for shares to be exchanged for Fund of America Class Y shares). In addition, the Funds depend on cooperation from intermediaries in reviewing certain accounts (such as those of retirement plan sponsors, wrap program sponsors and certain omnibus position holders) for short-term trading practices, which limits the Funds’ ability to monitor the frequency of exchanges by those investing through such accounts (see the Short-Term Trading Policies section of the prospectus).

Send all requests for information or transactions to:

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Overnight Mail:

First Eagle Funds
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