Elizabeth Tobin

Senior Research Analyst

Research Analyst | Global Income Builder Fund

Research Analyst | U.S. Value Fund

Research Analyst | Overseas Fund

Research Analyst | Global Fund

Elizabeth joined First Eagle’s Global Value team in May 2009. She is a senior research analyst covering holding companies. Elizabeth began her career in 1986 when she joined the SoGen International Fund at Société Générale to work with Jean-Marie Eveillard as a research analyst. In 1998, she became an associate portfolio manager working alongside Jean-Marie Eveillard. In 2000, she became an employee of First Eagle when the firm became investment adviser to the SoGen family of funds. In 2002, Elizabeth left First Eagle and from 2002–2008 she managed assets for select European private clients following the same value approach she had employed for 15 years at First Eagle. She re-joined the Global Value team in 2009. Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in comparative literature from the University of Paris and an MBA in International Finance from Fordham University.

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