Jan 18, 2018

Matt McLennan on WealthTrack

Watch Matt McLennan alongside Evercore ISI's Ed Hyman as they discuss what has changed in financial markets over the last year and what that means for the U.S. economy and markets.

Nov 15, 2017

Matt McLennan on Business Insider

At First Eagle, we acknowledge that we don't have a crystal ball that lets us predict the next 12 months or 18 months with specificity.

Nov 13, 2017

Matt McLennan on Bloomberg TV

At First Eagle we view markets more as an ecosystem rather than a machine.

Sep 26, 2017

Matt McLennan on Bloomberg Markets

At First Eagle, we think the best way to garner a margin of safety is to look across the globe and across the capital structure. And broadly what we're seeing is that markets are fairly fully valued bottom up. There are some selective areas of the market that have been out of favor where we're able to put capital to work, but we're seeing more opportunities to trim positions that we have been holders of for a decade or longer that have reached full valuation today.

Aug 07, 2017

Advisor Perspectives | The Case for Owning Gold

First Eagle's Thomas Kertsos believes that gold has unique risk-reward characteristics to be able to potentially preserve value in real terms in the long-term and provide diversification and resili

Investment News | How Value Investors Succeed During Market Volatility

A disciplined value strategy may provide investors with a more tolerable experience in the downward-trending phase and a potentially rewarding experience across the full market cycle.

Advisor Perspectives | Global Income Builder

Passive investments will play a role in some portfolios, but investors should also have the flexibility to take advantage of markets as they evolve and have the ability to protect their capital from permanent impairments through the use of managers who are both patient and discriminating.

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