First Eagle Fund of America Marks 30-Year Anniversary

At Fund of America, we have chosen to select companies based on our understanding of intrinsic value. Value is not constant and no one can be right about it all the time. Nevertheless, we have found that we have a better chance of compounding value over time when we buy something for less than intrinsic value and have reason to think that the discount will be eliminated. We believe that the continued application of our disciplines will, over time, produce results that may help advance you toward your goals.

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The event-driven investment style used by First Eagle Fund of America carries the additional risk that the event anticipated occurs later than expected, does not occur at all or does not have the desired effect on the market price of the securities.

The principal risk of investing in value stocks is that the price of the security may not approach its anticipated value or may decline in value.

All investments involve the risk of loss of principal.

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