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Our clients represent some of the top alternative asset managers with investment strategies focused on the U.S. middle market. They manage money for some of the largest pensions, endowments, foundations and sovereign wealth funds around the world. We have great respect for what they do, and feel privileged to play a role in strategies that help business owners monetize investments in their companies and create jobs for American workers. Their efforts also add to the financial security of the beneficiaries of private equity investments, which include pension holders, insurance policy holders and student financial aid recipients among many others.

A representative list of our clients is shown below.

Clients listed have agreed to serve as representative clients. This list by no means constitutes an endorsement of First Eagle Investment Management, LLC and its affiliated investment advisers, its advisory services or personnel. It is not known whether the listed clients approve or disapprove of First Eagle Investment Management, LLC, its affiliated investment advisors or the advisory services provided.

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